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We’re golfers who occasionally enjoy a fine GAR during our round. But far too often we lost or left it on the course. We would try to find a secure location on our cart to balance our cigar, or worse yet, try to strategically place it on the ground and avoid grass clippings, dirt, fertilizer and animal dropping…. We were frustrated and we decided to do something. So we got busy. 

We knew it had to be strong, yet gentle and lightweight. It needed to fit most size cigars, be easy to clip on, and not interfere with the cigar. Then we took it a step further. We made it magnetic to secure to any metal surface, like your cart or bag. We included another component that will clip to a hat or strap so it can go anywhere. And to top it off, we included a classy storage bag that also can keep the GarClip, most cutters and lighters together.

After many designs, prototypes and direction from our Industrial Designer from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, the GarClip (Patent # 10874200) was created.


Golf Courses liked it right away, it reduced burns and damage to carts and eliminated damage to grass on the greens and tee boxes.

Golfers loved it immediately, saved them money and time on the course.

Then, fishermen, hikers, campers, boaters, skiers discovered it for their use. Now it's your turn.

The best magnetic cigar clip, made for the on-the-go cigar enthusiast.
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